Snow Owl Confectioners makes just one great thing. The most delicious, most decadent hot fudge sauces ever. We’re talking thick, rich, glossy, and fudgy. We use just eight all-natural ingredients free of additives, chemicals, or compromises to bring you hot fudge sauces that are beyond satisfying.


Andy Kanelos, Founder, Andes® Candies

How much do I love hot fudge sauce? As a kiddo, I’d eat it right out of the jar. Sometimes struck by a midnight Hot Fudge Love craving, I’d army crawl to the kitchen and go at it with an ice tea spoon. Yep, I absolutely did that. Because, I come from a long line of chocolatiers. You see, my grandfather created Andes Candies™, those wonderful mints you love so much.

Eventually, I was forced to grow up. But let’s face it, chocolate runs in my veins. And hot fudge sauce still makes my heart happy. So, I decided to bring my Hot Fudge Love to the whole wide world. And that’s how Snow Owl Confectioners happened. I just couldn’t stop myself. I created five incredibly delicious, like-no-other fudge sauces to give you a special jolt of happiness in every bite. Come on, I know you’re smiling…


We use only 100% ethically-sourced cacao liquor as our chocolate base. What is cacao liquor? Well, after the cocoa beans have been hand-picked, fermented, dried, and roasted, they’re ground into a paste and melted to become liquor (the liquid state). The cacao liquor is then cooled and becomes raw chocolate. It’s closest to the heart of the bean you can get. Actually, it is the heart of the bean with all its natural cocoa butter, rich flavors, and healthful antioxidants intact.

So, we start with the luscious cacao bean liquor and add seven simple, all-natural ingredients to give you a decadently delicious treat you can feel good about making a regular indulgence.


Snow Owl Confectioners uses only 100% natural ingredients procured from the best sources in the world. And because cacao trees grow in ecologically delicate rain forests, we only buy from socially, and environmentally, responsible providers who work with local, independent growers.