The Bigger Picture.

Our mission is simple: Spread the taste of happiness. Happiness can be pretty complex, but it can also be a simple thing. We focus on spreading happiness by making our yummy fudge sauces for the whole wide world. Put a spoonful of fudge sauce in your mouth.  See… it’s sort of instant happiness. 

The more complex side of happiness is about doing what’s right. Doing Good we call it. Snow Owl Confectioners also spreads happiness by Doing Good in ways that are very important to us.

Do What’s Right.

First, we only buy our cacao from co-ops of small, land-hold cacao growers in Ecuador – and we will never buy from producers that engage in child labor. These small farms have roughly an acre or two each, unlike the massive and less expensive cacao combine farms often used by large chocolate manufacturers.

Doing business with these small growers helps support their groves, their families, and provides jobs for their community – and most importantly, it also helps keep children out of the labor pool. We are most grateful for these partnerships, knowing that we help them as much as they help us.

Do Things Well.

I have that long chocolatey family history; you can read more about that here. My grandfather, my father, uncles, cousins, siblings… Sheesh, that’s a lot of pressure. But expectations are a good thing, and ours are high. We’re committed to making the finest chocolate fudge sauces in the world. So ingredients and process are essential.

Snow Owl Confectioners ethically sources its cacao liquor from 100% Arriba cacao beans grown by a coop of small land hold farmers in Ecuador. Known for their superior taste and smooth flavor complemented by hints of jasmine and berries, only five percent of the world’s cacao beans are Arriba. And taste experts worldwide recognize Arriba cacao beans as the finest flavor beans anywhere. Our beans are fermented under the equatorial sun, then washed and dried in the warm South American breeze to maintain the highest levels of flavor and nature-given antioxidants.

We pair our wonderful cacao liquor with seven other high-quality ingredients like fresh cream, sweet butter, natural sugar, and Madagascar vanilla which makes our sauces very good things done well.