Butter Me Up™

Butter Me Up is just that…a rich, buttery fudge sauce unlike any other. What do we love the most… hmmm. Is it the thick, glossy consistency? Is it the fudgy chewiness? Is it the rich taste of ‘heart of the bean’ cacao liquor? Truth is, it’s all those things that makes Butter Me Up so special. It’s the best ever 4th of July fireworks, and the snowiest ski weekend, and the Valentine’s Day you’ll never forget. It’s a luscious mouthful of memories. And from the first bite, you know it’s happened…. You’ve been buttered up. :-)

Button Up Bourbon™

Button Up Bourbon has just the bracing afterbite you crave with your chocolate. We use Colorado-based Breckenridge Bourbon made from Rocky Mountain snow melt at 10,000 feet high. And when we say ‘use’, we mean pour… as in pour straight from the bottle into the fudge sauce. So, beware, it may leave you ready to unbutton.

A Little Chilly™

A Little Chilly is our chili-warmed fudge sauce. It adds a touch of heat and spice to a deliciously sweet moment. Your first taste is, well, surprising. The chili warmth sneaks up on you. It starts at the back of your throat, like a little hint of something special. Then, it fuses with the cacao and suddenly, WOW! You’re not feeling a little chilly anymore! You might just feel a sudden urge to tango in flickering candlelight. And if you do, we hope you don’t resist…

Mint to Warm You™

Mint to Warm You adds just the right touch of pure, natural crème de menthe for a refreshingly delicious taste sensation. Crème de menthe is a soft, yet crisply refreshing, infusion of Corsican mint leaves in alcohol to bring forward a sparklingly fresh mint flavor that pairs exceptionally well with chocolate. Think of a snowy breeze through evergreens. Ahhhh…

Snuggle in the Dark™

Snuggle in the Dark is thick, rich, and oh so cozily delicious. We make it with 50% more cacoa to create a deeper, more dense fudge sauce and an even chocolatier taste. It’s our best for dipping overs-sized strawberries into - we promise you that. How can you not love its double chocolateyness?